The Black Pikmin

An excessively violent color of Pikmin, the Black Pikmin are servants of the dark god Zeromus, a deity that has watched over their race since the beginning. All of their Onions were destroyed at the end of a war nearly a thousand years ago, and so the only means by which new Black Pikmin are born is through Ebony Candypop Buds. Though previously nomadic, Black Hole led them to live in the ancient city of Zankrieg, renamed for a fallen Black Pikmin that had previously led them.

Black Pikmin DNA is unstable, and mutations are common; virtually every Black Pikmin has a unique appearance, though claws, wings, and tails are common. Their leaves, buds, and flowers generally take on deep red and black colorations. Each Black Pikmin is also instilled with a mostly unique ability, from elemental manipulation to far more bizarre things. Additionally, powerful Black Pikmin tend to grow larger; Black Scythe towers over most Pikmin.

All Black Pikmin are male; Ebony Candypops reject females. Upon transformation, individuals are immediately instilled with an undying loyalty to their new kin, which is impossible to completely shake off. The transformation cannot be reversed; a Black Pikmin put into a differently colored Candypop will kill the plant. Black Pikmin are also instilled with an implacable battlelust, which can only be staved off by combat; with no other opponents, they will eventually begin to fight amongst themselves.

The Black Pikmin themselves are a proud, arrogant race, with an incredible level of camaraderie. As each Black Pikmin is unique, the death of one will enrage any nearby. They do not take well to traitors, however. Thanks to Epsilon Mark II, virtually all Black Pikmin speak with a thick, phonetic accent, and have a rather twisted sense of humor.

There is, however, one other way to create Black Pikmin: Black Nectar. However, this will only truly transform those born directly in it; otherwise, Black Nectar has... other effects.